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Small Fly

As we all know that in summertime restaurant business deal with small fruit fly problem in Calgary. They can lay up to 100 eggs per day and each peg which year, within days it will start contaminating your food inventory. Prairie pest control is the answer for small fruit flies infestation in the restaurant.



When we are talking about household Calgary pests. Housefly is a common fly species found in Calgary residential area also in Calgary business and ruler environment. They are about 4 to 7 millimeter long their color is dull grey and has four black stripes on its Thorax. They prefer to breed outdoor in the decaying organic material they can carry disease.
If your business or home is infested with housefly please call Prairie pest control, we have a great program to eliminate the house fly.

Cluster fly

About 8 millimeter long, dark grey color and has a nonmetallic Thorax with short Golden hairs. They are mostly active in fall when it enters structure to Hibernate and again in the spring when it leaves.

fruit fly treatment

Fruit fly

As shown by name they are attractive to fruit and vegetables. Fruit fly is about 3 to 4 millimeter long. brownish yellow or brown black in color with bright red eyes like to infest bananas, grapes, peaches, pineapple, tomatoes, pickles, potatoes, fermenting liquids such as beer wine and vinegar.

Bow fly treatment

Bow or bottle fly

Adults are about 4 to 16 millimeter long and they are metallic Blue green or black in color. Mostly breeds outdoor on vegetable matter and feeds on Sewage. Butterfly is a potential disease carrier.

drain fly treatment Calgary

Drain or Moth fly

2 to 5 mm long they get their name like moth, drain, filter, Sewage refers to their breeding sites. Depending on the species they have different colors from pale yellow to blackish to brownish Grey. Breeds mostly and or drain pipes if you see them in your business are home in large number it’s because of a sanitation issue.

fungus gnats treatment Calgary

Fungus Gnat

1 to 13 mm long with brown Black Or yellow in color they look like mosquitoes and commonly breed around Indore plants. If you have moisture problem or water leak most probably that is the source of infestation.

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