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Rodents can cause serious health problem in your home or business if not address this issue on time it can lead to a bigger problem and will take longer time to eliminate the best problem.

House Mouse

One of the most common rodent species in Calgary Alberta. Quite possible that they can spread salmonella via its droppings. They are about 6 to 9 centimeter long with the tail that is 7 to 10 centimeter long. They are grey with cream color belly body is Smooth with fur and their eyes are small wit pointed muzzle.

Deer Mouse

One of dangerous Mouse species we deal in Calgary and Alberta is deer mouse because they carry Hantavirus which cause Hantavirus preliminary syndrome. Adult deer Mouse is about 7 to 10 centimeter with the tail that is 5 to 13 cm long. They enter into the buildings during the colder months and like to nest in the structure upper areas because they are excellent climber. They feeds on insects, seeds, berries and small fruit.

Norway / Brown house Rat

Largest rodent pest that it found all over the world including Calgary and surrounding areas. Contaminates store food, damage and destroy stored food and materials. An adult rat is about 18 to 25 cm with tail about 15 to 21 centimeter long. Densely covered with short hairs their eyes are small and also small ears. Can carry pathogens.

Roof / Black / Ship Rat

Mostly common in coastal states of North America. Capable of carrying human disease organism. Any doubt rat is about 16 to 20 cm long and tail about 19 to 25 centimeter. They can be found under buildings but prefer to nest in the upper portion of the structure.

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