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There are about 4600 species of cockroach we know, about 30 cockroach species are associated with human habitats. Here we will discuss some of the native species that are present in North America and we deal with them in our day to day life.

German Cockroach

From tan to almost black in color, about 1.1 to 1.6 centimeter long. It is the most common cockroach species in Calgary AB, breed in great numbers. They prefer darker area in kitchen and keep shelter near food and moisture. It’s possible that they carries disease organisms that can cause allergic reaction for humans. It may glide when disturb but they barely fly. It is the most widely troublesome domestic pest.


American cockroach

It is the largest species of the Cockroach they are native to Middle East and Africa introduced in America around 17th century as a result of human migration. They are widely spread in North America. They are also known as water bug, ship cockroach, or Bombay Canary. Most of the time they live in moist area but also survive in dry areas if they have access to water. They are common in in basements, cracks and crevices, crawl spaces and foundations.

Australian cockroach

You can call them tropical Cockroaches they prefers hot and humid condition like greenhouses and in commercial buildings like restaurant they primarily feed on plant materials. Usually their length is about 23 to 35 centimeter they are totally Brown and have yellow streaks near the wing base, it is small in appearance. Originally from Africa but they are common in Southern United states and in tropical areas also can be found in many areas all over the world because of shipping and Commerce. They are capable of flying.

Oriental cockroach

You can call it a water bug or black beetle they are large species of cockroach there are about 18 to 29 millimeter adults and females are about 20 to 27 millimeter. Females are different in appearance from the male. Common indoor pest they are found mostly in drains, damp basements, sewers pipes. Most of the time you will find them trapped in bathtubs and sinks because they cannot climb smooth surfaces. Mostly found in in Southern Midwest and Northwest parts of North America.

Some of other cockroach species that are common.

  • Brown Banded cockroach
  • Smoky Brown cockroach
  • Brown cockroach
  • Surinam cockroach


Cockroach life cycle

Life cycle consisting of three distinct stages egg nymph and adult.

Life cycle of Cockroach
Life cycle of Cockroach




With the help of specialized case called ootheca female produces about 40 eggs at a time. It look like a kidney Bean they are carried by mother or she placed it in a protected area until hatching.


To reach their adulthood nymph shed their skin multiple Times this process called molting.


Before getting larger, dark in color, and hardening they are soft bodied and white in color. Depending on environment condition and the food source they can reach adulthood within weeks.

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